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Arada Stoves are a British company manufacturing wood burning and multifuel stoves Free standing or Inset multi fuel . Optional stand options are also available with this stove.

Here at Boston Heating Lincolnshire we have Many on Live display in the showroom.

The new Wood burning Farringdon 4.9kw on Log store. Can also be used on a Pedestal or free standing. 

The Farringdon also comes in a medium giving a 8kw of heat out put and or the Large which gives 12kw Heat output. The Farringdon Wood burning stove is also Defra Approved.

Boston Heating also have the Arada i400 multi fuel inset stove, which sits flush into a standard fire opening. So no building work is needed in most cases. The Arada i400 inset is a great modern feature with trims and doors that and be coloured to suit your colour schemes. This I400 inset stove can run up to 6kw of heat. This Multi fuel inset is sure to keep you cosy this winter. 

The Chelsea Solo comes in a solo door and duo door multi fuel stove. The Chelsea Solo and Duo give a traditional look to the room and have long been a favorite. A great multifuel stove which has a 5kw heat output.

C flat wood solo and duo is a wood burning stove only giving a 5 kw heat output. This stove looks very simular to the Chelsea Solo and has the same door options of single or double door. Making this c flat wood burner very traditional look.

Arada Villager Duo comes in 4 sizes to meet your room requirements. Keeping on a traditional style with a 2 door stove multi fuel.

Arada Villiager Flatmate and A Flat Wood is another traditional wood burning stove with duo doors. This Wood burning flatmate and A flat can also have a boiler added to heat water . A conopy can also be added to add to the look.

Arada Bayswater is a multi fuel stove with a heat output of 7.5kw a great sized stove that would fit a good log length.The Bayswater has 2 doors with top and bottom air control. The Bayswater can also have a canopy added to the top of the stove with a further option of the add on boiler.

Acorn View is a smaller multi fuel stove with 2 size options, 1st the Acorn View which pushes out around 4kw of heat, need to go bigger? how about the Acorn 5 with a 5kw heat output. Both Multi fuel perfect for a smaller room. 

Arada Esprit Solo multi fuel stove giving a great view through the larger glass window. This now comes in a 5kw and 8kw. Here at Boston Heating we have both, the Esprit Solo 8kw sit's perfectly onto a stand which raises the fire. The esprit ticks the boxes if you want a traditional looking stove with a single door so you can fully enjoy the large window to your fire.

Arada EcoBurn 5 plus is a multi fuel and wood burning stove. This stove has a more modern feel to it and is very popular with the Boston Heating customers . The Ecoburn comes in a 4kw, (5kw of which is defra approved, and the  7kw,) 9kw and now the 11kw. 

Arada Ecoburn 5 plus Widescreen  is the latest edition to the Arada family and has also caused quite a stir as it offers a larger stove for a 5 kw. The viewing window on this is amazing and coming as a multi fuel as well and defra approved. Perfect for new builds in particular. 

Arada Ecoburn plus inset coming in 2 sizes as the 5 inset to the 7 inset. Multi fuel insets stove fits into a fire opening without needing to remove the chair brick. This Arada Multi fuel inset has a traditional feel about and is sure to keep your room warm and cosy. 

Arada i400 Freestanding Stove is a very modern design, working from the inset design this stove can come free standing or on two sizes of stand the mid and tall. This stove would work well with a free standing twinwall system. Added bonus this stove can have different colour doors or stove body, leaving you with your own bespoke coloured stove a true winner. Approved for smoke approved arears (defra approved).   

Arada i600 slimline Freestanding multi fuel stove has a modern sleek effect with a great view to the fire as most of the door is glass. The Freestanding slimline comes in 2 heights the low and mid which will allow logs to be placed in the bottom. Rear heat shields will allow the stove to be positioned closer to combustables. This multi fuel stove is also defra approved. 

Arada i Series Multi Fuel Cassettes i400,4.9kw    i500,6.4,  i600 7.5kw to the wider i750 8.9kw All models can come with optional colour trims. A modern inset stove which finishes flush to the wall.

Ecoboiler HE Boiler Stoves These stoves have High Efficiency and are a multifuel boiler stove. Comes with a 7 year manufactures guarantee on the stove body. Heat output to water and room will tell you which size stove you need.

Ecoboiler 9 HE, Ecoburn 12HE, Ecoburn 16 HE, Ecoburn 20 HE, Ecoburn 25HE,.

Eco Burn HE Inset boiler stove comes in 2 sizes ecoboiler 12HE , and the Ecoboiler HE Inset both of these stoves fit flush to the wall . 

New for the Ecoboiler is the Ecoboiler 12 Cassette which gives a massive 12kw of heat to your water. thermostatic controls fitted as standard.

Ecoboiler Wood Burning. This Wood burning boiler stove has a massive window which again is nearly the size of the whole door. Giving a heat output to water of 11.8kw this stove has it all .

Villiager Boiler Stove has a traditional 2 door style, coming in 2 different sizes as the Villiager Boiler 12 to the mighty Villiager boiler 20 giving a 18kw heat output to water. Colour options are also with this stove so you choose.


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