Clean burning stoves

Clean Burning Stove

Clean and cosy fireplace

Clear conscience

You have every right to have a clear conscience when you’re curled up in front of a fireplace from Jøtul. Our aim is to be among the best when it comes to environment-friendly fireplace technology. This means that cleanburn technology is a definite given.

Profitability through being environment-friendly

Jøtul’s cleanburn fireplaces need much less wood than the “old” non-cleanburn fireplaces to be able to generate a certain amount of heat. If you light your fire correctly, you can almost halve your consumption of wood. In this way, you will obtain the maximum heat from burning wood without it having a detrimental impact on the environment. You will also save money from your lower consumption of wood, into the bargain.

What does “cleanburn” actually mean?

With cleanburn technology your fireplace has a dual combustion system, which converts up to 90% of the gases and particles in smoke to heat.

This results in the absolute minimum level of smoke emission because the fireplace uses the energy to produce heat instead of smoke.

The Swan

A number of the Scan Stove products carry the official Nordic Eco-label

This Eco-label guarantees that the products are among the cleanest burning products on the market, ensuring that the products are of a high quality.

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