Contura wood burning stoves in Lincolnshire

Here at Boston Heating we have been looking for the best wood burning and multi fuel stoves in the world,

Well here we have one of them, Swedish stoves 

Contura stoves are of exceptional quality and are available at Boston Heating Lincolnshire

We have various Contura stoves on live display in our showroom in Boston with many great deal's to be had. Boston Heating are pleased to be chosen as a Contura designer stockist. 

Cast iron stoves for everyday use. Who doesn’t love cast iron? The easily formed, tough and beautiful material has been used for so many appliances through our history. Things that should be really stable, strong and heavy are made of cast iron – manhole covers and Grandma’s frying pan, for example. This is the tradition behind Contura’s tough and modern cast iron stoves, designed by young Swedish designers. Whichever model you choose you get a small and robust stove that shows a lot of light and heats for a long, long time.

The first is the Cast Iron Wood Burning Stove from the Contura range is The Contura 51L low-leg model is ideal for recessing into a fireplace opening. A modern cast-iron stove with clean lines, removable handle and single air-control for practical functionality in a timelessly classic design. This log burning stove comes as a 79% Efficiency rating and can take logs up to 350mm.

This stove can also come as a convector wood burning stove so if you want it to stand alone you will benefit from the extra heat given around the room. Contura 51 is modern cast iron stove with convection air. Four adjustable legs mean that it is stable on any floor. The attractive handle is chromed as standard but is also available in black, as illustrated.


Contura 51, 51L, 52 & 54

These beautful stoves have a softly rounded back that makes it perfect for positioning in corners. Four stable, adjustable legs give an airy impression and make it easy to clean.


Cast-iron stove Contura 51L   

      Contura 51L                          Contura 51                           Contura 52                          Contura 54


Contura 510

The basic stove in the 500 range is compact, easy to position and made of painted metal. With a top connected chimney and floor plate, the stove takes up very little space in your home but heats large areas. Greatest efficiency is achieved by adding an optional fan. This woodburning stove can come with many different options. With its large viewing window this stove is a must see and you can in our showroom with an efficiency rating of 79% and capible of taking log lengths of up to 330mm. This stove also has a rated output of 3 to 7kw which allows it to heat a 120m2 room.

Stove Contura 510 with log store Stove Contura 510 with log store

  Black Contura 510        Grey Contura 510

Contura 556

A stove with large areas of side glass is perfect for combining areas in open plan solutions. Position it between the dining area and the living room and the fire can be seen both while eating and when relaxing on the sofa! Giving out heat from 3-7kw, it could also be placed in any room, and be fantastic. Also available with soapstone top.

    Black 556               Grey 556
Contura 556 Style
One of our many Customer's favourites and on live display in our showroom. We would recommend coming into see the 556 running live and test the controls for yourself.

The generous side lights mean that you can see the fire from different angles in the room. With cleaner lines

and a large glass door it gives a light and modern impression. The new handles do not get hot and are

integrated into the front of the stove. The white stove, Contura 556 Style, with glass door is one of the hottest

newcomers of the year. It comes in 3 fantastic colours and runs from 3-7kw, giving an efficiency of 80%.

556 Style Black               556 Style White              556 Style Grey
Contura 630
The room got a new lease of life when we put the new wood burning stove in the corner. It fits in beautifully and we
really like the fact that the flames are raised up from floor level. The stove is available with a heat tank.
This stove can heat anywhere between 3-9kw so even in spaces up to 150m2 will give you all the heat you need.
    630 Black                630 Grey
Contura 650
Contura wood burning 650 has a nominal heat output of 6kw with a high effciency of 79% and coming in grey or black. This stove has a larger firebox for greater heat output. Convection heat allows the hot air to be pushed further across the room. This wood burning stove also has a oven top. Option extras include door for the bottom of the stove, turn table and outside air kit.Making the Contura 655 or the stunning 660T which has a soapstone body with top oven. The soap stone helps to retain the heat so long after you go to bed the stove will still be keeping your room warm. Contura 660K which is a white tiled stove for a real modern feel. It has been desighned by Contura to blend into larger rooms with open plan areas, Matching it with a tiled kitchen keeping a 6kw nominal heat output and keeping the high 79% effciency on this stunning wood burning stove.
Contura 780,790K White or Black 720T, 750 AND THE 750A Which is live in our showroom
We are taking the step into a new decade with the Contura 700 range. The contemporary design, by the renowned Swedish
design group Myra, makes the stove an obvious focal point in all rooms - without taking up much floor space.
Place the stove on a pillar and see even more of the already widely visible fire. Nominal Heat Output of 5kw.
Contura 35 Low Is a stunning shaped wood burning stove. It comes with many different styles and looks, including white steel or black steel and soapstone which is brilliant for radiating out heat. This amazing Contura Cast wood burning stove is the smaller version to the Contura 35T which has won the red dot for design.  
Contura 586G Style Door New from Contura this 586G cast wood burning stove that comes with a pedestal base to heighten the stove. This stove can come with soap stone or glass top.
Contura 596 Style has the cast iron door showing new larger side glass that shows a great deal more of the stove body. This wood burning 5kw stove will heat a good sized room and is a sure crowd pleaser. Or you could opt for the Contura 596G Style, White enamel or add a power stone top on this great looking wood burning stove.
Contura 800 Wood burning stove is a smaller neat stove from Contura coming in grey or black, This may be smaller but can still take a good log length and looks stunning with the side glass. Making it a 850 option extras soft closing door, glass plates and outside air kit. Contura 820T with soap stone top and sides and top.
Contura 810 is a 5kw woodburning stove showing a log store but can come with optional soft closing door and outside air vent. Contura 820T comes with a soap stone top and sides which allows heat to be retained, and looks stunning.
Contura 860T combines glass and soap stone so retaining heat but still giving a great view to the fire box.
Contura 870 and the Contura 880 coming with many extra's including a turntable choice of colour black or grey, Soap stone or glass. This wood burning stove also offers 82% efficiency's which can heat 90m2 with a nominal 5kw heat output.

Contura i4 Classic and i4 Modern inset wood burners which can be fitted into a standard fire opening without to much work. Both models are wood burners with a nominal 5kw heat output.
Contura i5 Easy to control Wood burning stove this i5 panorama door gives a grater view to the fire with the large viewing. Or maybe you prefer a double door option for a more tradition look. The i5 can also come with small legs so it can be free standing or as an inset the choice is yours.
Contura i6 Inset stove is stunning and can come with glass a frame and door with black handle, or maybe you like the cast door and frame either are sure to be a crowd pleaser. With the high efficiency's  and generous log length this contura stove has it all. 
Time for something a little different ! Contura i11s Low These wood burning stoves are brilliant for large open rooms, with the pre cast concrete surround with it black front. Contura have painted this i11s white for a sharp clean contrast. The stove radiates the heat after the fire has burnt out making sure the room stays cosy. Heat output range on the Contura wood burning i11s is from 6kw to 12kw with a efficiency rating of 81% this truly is amazing to have this  efficiency on a larger stove.
Contura i21C High 
Another stunning Wood burning fire giving the customer the option of insert only or Aluminiumfront, Black metal front or plain concrete letting it be painted any colour to suit your room. Sections can be added on the top or the sides of the i21 or just build the stove inset into your wall so let your imagination run wild with Contura. With a heat output of 6kw to 12kw all parts of your room are sure to be warm.
Contura i31 Comes with many different options from Soapstone, Concrete, or walnut brown sandstone. Log sections and black granite benches are all here. Efficiency runs to 80% with a heat output of 4 to 9kw 
with this wide range of heat output makes it suitable for many rooms. The Contura i31 is a wood burning stove with easy controls and great door opening handles which make it easy to use. This stove can also be placed into a wall with the door opening upwards. 
Contura i41 Wood burning Fire, Similar style to the i31 with many option extra's the door can be open to the left or the right Heat outputs from 5kw to 10kw with 80% efficiency another big stove with lower running cost's.

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