Elgin & Hall Fireplaces

Elgin and Hall Fireplaces are supplied at Boston Heating for the best prices in Lincolnshire 

The whole range of Elgin & Hall fireplaces creates an excellent mix of fireplaces and fire surrounds from UK Suppliers 

Here at Boston Heating We offer special prices on all Elgin & Hall Fireplaces We have a special offer on the marble Suites at £599 on 2 Elgin & Hall Fire Marble Places.

Elgin & Hall Aurelia Marble Fire Surround

Elgin and Hall Aurelia Fireplace

When it comes to quality Marble Fireplaces Look no further than Elgin & Hall Fireplaces

The Aurelia is no exception. Here at Boston Heating you can view some of the best selling

Elgin and Hall Fireplaces at the very best prices.

Elgin & Hall Viena Marble Fire Surround

The Viena marble surround is very popular with our customer at Boston Heating as it comes in mantel sizes 48'' and 54'' and suits most rooms. The Viena Surround comes in Manilia or White and you can change the hearth profile if you prefer. The Viena also comes with or without the smartsence lighting which we have on display in our showroom.  

Elgin & Hall Verdena Fire Surround

The Verdena Fire Surround is another popular fire surround as it can come in mantel widths of 48'' and 54'' and also coming in manila or white finish. The Verdena can also come with and without smartsence lighting which can be seen here in our showroom.

Elgin & Hall Sophia Marble Fire Surround 

The Sophia is a pretty fire surround which has a arched top with simple detail. The Sophia come in a mantel size of 46'' and 50'' and also has many options on hearth profile. The Sophia also come in Manila, Pearl Stone or in a white finish. The Sophia can also come with smartsence down lights.

Harriet Marble fireplace at Boston Heating from Elgin & Hall for the very best in Marble fireplaces.

The Harriet Fireplace can also come in Manila, Italica, Pearl Stone or white. With options on the hearth and can be with or without the Smartsence lighting.

Elgin & Hall Vitalia Marble Fire Surround

The Vitalia Marble 52'' Fire Surround has a very modern look to it with stunning detail on the surround. Coming Minila, White or Grey and 3 options on the hearth profile. The Vitalia Marble surround can also come with the smartsence down ward lighting. 52'' Vitalia Manila Micro Marble Fire surround suitable for gas and electric Fires. 

Elgin & Hall Elissa Marble Fire Surround hearth & Back Panel

Elissa Marble Fire Surround hearth & Back Panel are avalilible in many options 50'' Pearl Stone Micro Marble Fire Surround with Hearth options please ask Staff For Details.

Elgin & Hall Felicia 50'' Fire Surround Marble

The Felicia comes with 2 colour options Manila or White Marble Also has 3 Hearth options A Stunning surround that looks good in a traditional or contemporary Room 

Elgin & Hall Roesia 44'' & 50'' Marble Fire Surround.

Colour options are Manila, Italica, Pearl Stone or white also has 3 options of Hearth shapes to suit all your styles. Comes with Sensor lighting which is controlled by your hand.

Elgin & Hall Milena 50'' Marble Fire Surround.

The Milena Fire Surround Elegant and timeless design with double detail on the Surround which gives a modern feel to tour home. Colour options on the fire surround Manila or white.

Elgin & Hall Eternia 54'' Marble Fire Surround

The Eternia is a tall and elegant fire surround that is sure to add a touch of class to your room. The Eternia comes in Manila or White marble finish with a choice of smart sence lighting.

Elgin & Hall Odella 54'' Marble Fire Surround 

The Odella 54'' Marble Surround comes in manila, White and Grey finish with a standard lipped hearth. The Odella is a new design from Elgin and Hall with it's simple lines is is sure to add a touch of class to any room. Suitable for gas and electric fires.

Elgin & Hall Siena Marble Fire Surround

The Siena Marble Fire Surround comes in mantel width of 48'' surround and 52''. Option on shaped hearth or standard boxed and lipped . The Siena shows fine fluting that concave curve giving a stunning focal point to a room. The marble Siena also comes with optional lights.

Elgin & Hall Susannah 50'' Marble Fire Surround

The Susannah Micro Marble 50'' fire surround has a very simple design but stunning with bold lines and comes in Minila or white marble. The Susannah surround also has 3 options on it's hearth and optional down lights. The Susannah is suitable for electric snf gas fires.

The Elgin & Hall Rosalina 50'' Marble Fire Surround

The Rosalina 50''Marble Fire Surround has double the charming profile the detail is accentuated with a waved arch coming in Manila or white marble with options for hearth. Options on smartsense lighting. The Rosalina is suitable for gas and elecrtic fires.

The Elgin & Hall Cotsmore 46'' electric fire in the stunning Manilia Marble

The Cotsmore 46'' Electric suite is a complete suite with electric fire. The Cotsmore is a simple design which comes in Manila Micra Marble with a standard Lipped Hearth. The Cotsmore has a large viewing area for the electric fire which has 1 and 2kw heat output to the room.


 The Elgin & Hall Vittoria 44'' Electric Marble Fire Suite

The Vittoria 44'' Electric Marble Fire Suite is a complete fire suite that need no fixing or assembling. The Vittoria comes in a Marble Minila or white marble finish with a bevelled hearth slim or deep. The Vittoria has a large viewing area which sit's flat back to the surround the electric fire has 1 and 2 kw of heat output to the room what more could you want from this amazing electric fire suite.

The Elgin & Hall 50'' Mariella Electric Marble Fire Suite

The Mariella Electric Marble Fire Surround has fine detailing on the inner framing of the leg. The Glass fronted electric fire sit's beautifully in the marble surround giving a large viewing area of the fire so you can see the warm glowing log effect fire. The Mariella has a slimline hearth that fits neatly into the smallest of rooms.The Mariella comes in Manila Marble or White Micro Marble and has 1kw and 2kw of heat output to the room which can be turned on or off with the remote control.

The Elgin & Hall Lorento 47'' Lorento Electric Marble Fire Suite

The Lorento is a 47'' mantel surround with a big electric fire with 1kw and 2kw of heat output. The Lorento comes in two colour options which are Manila Marble and White Micro Marble. The Lorento has a simple design which frames the large electric fire.

The Elgin & Hall Amorina 50'' Electric Marble Fire Suite

The Amorina 50'' is tall wide and handsome fireplace with curved detailing around the inner leg. The Amorina 50'' comes in Almond stone and Linen Grey Finish with standard lipped hearth, Manila or white micro marble with standard lipped hearth The colour options offer some thing for everyone. 

The Elgin & Hall Wellsford 52'' Electric Fire Suite

The Wellsford Electric Suite is a stunning complete fireplace which has a  landscaped view showing a wide electric fire. The Electric fire which sit's inside the surround has a log effect and warm glowing embers. The electric fire has 2 heat settings 1kw and 2kw output to the room so great for taking the chill off a room. The Surround comes in a white or pearlescent cashmere finish with a slim bevelled hearth.


The Elgin & Hall Bracken 46'' Elecrtic Fire Suite

The Bracken46'' wide surround comes complete with electric fire which gives a very traditional feel but keeping strong sharpe lines with a Oak finish to the mantel. The Electric fire has 2 heat setting 1kw and 2kw of heat output to the room. The surround comes in a painted Ivory or stone finish with a deep bullnose hearth.  

The Elgin & Hall Arletta 48'' Electric Fire Suite

The Arletta Electric Fire Suite has 2 different looks the 1st is a traditional style with oak finish mantel or the modern look with a stepped marble mantel. Coming in a 48'' width mantel and in a Ivory or Stone painted finish.  

The Elgin & Hall Heywood 46'' Electric Suite

The Heywood 46'' Electric Suite has a very modern look about it with a landscape log effect electric fire with  glowing embers. The fire surround has a bold beam under the fire. The finish of the surround comes in Ivory or stone painted finish with a slim bevelled hearth.  

The Elgin & Hall Lindwell 52'' Electric Suite

The Lindwell 52'' Electric Suite is a new addition to Elgin and Hall electric surround range. The Lindwell is an impresive landscapped electric fire with a pearlescent finish which gives off a slight shimmer which complements the the flickering glow from the realistic log bed. The Lindwell has a smart, sharpe contemporary edge to it. Coming in Pearlescent finish or Cashmere finish with slim bevelled hearth.

The Elgin & Hall Susannah 50'' Electric Suite

The Susannah is a 50'' Electric Suite that come's in a Manila micro marble or a white finish with a slim or deep bullnose hearth. The large electric fire sit's in the bevelled frame work of the marble Susannah. The Elgin & Hall electric fire has 2 heat setting's 1kw and 2kw of heat output. This Elgin Electric fire looks stunning with it's red glowing embers and log effect fire.  

The Elgin & Hall Berkley 47'' Electric Suite

The Berkley 47'' Electric Suite has a wood surround and black Hearth, the fire also shows a black trim to complete the look. The Elgin electric fire has 2 settings 1kw and 2kw of heat output to room. The Electric fire has a log effect with red embers flicking. 

The Elgin & Hall Farnham 47'' Electric Suite

The Farnham 47'' Electric Suite has a Almond Stone Finish with standard lipped hearth or in the Minila Micro Marble . The elecrtic fire surround has a Elgin & Hall electric  fire which has a wide screen with a log effect flame and red burning ember effect. The Electric Fire has 1kw and 2kw heat output to the room and is highlighted with a chrome frame.  

The Elgin & Hall Newham 51'' Electric Suite

The Newham Micro Marble is a 51'' Fire surround with the Elgin and Hall log effect fire. The electric fire comes with this surround and is framed by a black trim and with 1kw and 2kw of heat output to the room. The Newham has fine fluting on the inner leg and a large broad arch.

The Elgin & Hall Roesia 50'' Electric Suite 

The Roesia is a 50'' Electric suite which is simple in design and shows a big Elgin & Hall electric 2kw fire. The fire surround can come in Manila or white finish with hearth options as a bullnose slim and deep bullnose to suit your room needs. The electric fire has 1kw and 2kw of heat output to the room with a thermostat control and remote control.

Inset Electric Fires from the Elgin and Hall have a LED log flame effect with many of trim options Ask staff for details.

Elgin and Hall Ember Electric Fire Black Chrome Finish or Chrome Finish

The Elgin and Hall Ember electric fire in Black Chrome Finish or Chrome Finish gives a great illusion of a real coal fire. The Ember fits into many different fire surrounds including flat to wall fit's.

Elgin and Hall Ignite  Electric Inset Fire

Elgin and Hall Ignite  Electric Inset Fire is a new one from Elgin and Hall it has a heavy duty, real cast iron door, which gives a authentic look of a multi fuel stove. The Ignite electric fire has a glowing coal bed so it's sure to add that cosy warm feeling to your room.

Elgin and Hall Hereford Electric Inset Fire

Elgin and Hall Hereford Electric Inset Fire has a simple design with bold detailing and sprayed feet with an arch door. The Hereford electric fire has a coal effect with warm flickering flames. The Hereford will fit most standard fire openings.

Elgin and Hall Desire Electric Inset Fire 

The Elgin and Hall Desire Inset Electric Fire has a steel door with a big curved window which lets you see more of the Electric Fire with or without the heat been on. The Desire can be fitted into an existing fire place or use a flat to the wall rebate surround.



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