Flue Pipe and Flue Liners


When chooosing a flue liner for your stove,rest assured Boston Heating will supply you with the product you need 
Our team of highly trained HETAS registered installers will be able to fit  for you.
Flexible Flue liner comes in sizes to suit the outlet from the stove
Document J of the Building Regulations requires that a flexible flue liner can only be installed completely enclosed inside a
masonry chimney. A non masonry enclosure such as timber or plasterboard boxing in is not acceptable.
The type of flue liner permitted depends on the type of appliance and the fuel chosen to be used.
Gas and Oil flexible flue liners are manufactured out of single strip 316 grade stainless steel.
There are two grades of multi fuel liner available at Boston Heating :
• 316 grade stainless steel, which is suitable for wood burning and multi fuel use.
• 904 grade stainless steel, which is suitable for multi fuel and specifically coal based solid fuels


The 316 grade flue pipe is said to last 10 years and the 904 flue liner around 25 years


For houses that don't have an existing chimney or a brick chimney.Dont worry,we can supply you with a twin wall flue pipe 

See the Nova SM twin wall pipe at Boston or ask one of our experts to price it  up for you

Twin wall fluep ipe


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