Newman Fireplaces at Boston Heating

Look at Boston Heating's Latest fireplaces and discover some of the most beautiful fireplaces available right now. These Fire Surrounds will suit electric, Gas and Multi Fuel, Wood burning Stoves. So whatever your looking for we will help create it for you. Also see the Concrete Beams great for putting next to the stove.

Visit and take a look at some of the Medistone Fireplaces.

 Here are a few for you to see but do please call if you require further info.

Call in to the showroom and see some of the beautiful fireplace examples on display

The Sandstone Morella and Catalonoa are here in the showroom with offers on full packages.

The Newman Taberno Sandstone has detailed carved and shaped uprights shown with a full sandstone chamber and hearth this fire surround measures 60'' across the mantel top, making it perfect for a bigger room set.

The Toledo Sandstone is a popular choice with it's solid carved corbels, which looks great with the rest of the clean lines. The brick effect chamber inside the surround can be changed to suit, shown here with a granite hearth but can also be changed to sandstone if preferred.

The Biscay Sandstone surround shows a very bold simple design. The surround chamber has a carved brick look which can also be changed to suit your needs.

The Catalonia Sandstone has a traditional look which is timeless. Carved from natural stone this is a true feel of grandeur. Can be seen in our showroom here at Boston Heating.

The Barcelona is a 54'' Sandstone surround which is also popular for it's carved arch. Shown here with a reeded chamber but can be changed for plain or brick if required.

The Tagus Sandstone is great for a modern or traditional room setting as it bold lines gives it an universal appeal. Shown here with a granite hearth and brick chamber but can also be changed to suit. 

The Moncado Sandstone 50'' surround showing a arched top with a smaller brick effect fire chamber and granite hearth. This Modern looking fire surround is sure to add appeal to any room setting.

The Chatille Sandstone 48'' Surround is a very acttrative style with the granite inlay to show off the detailed angles. Shown with a granite hearth to highlight the granite inlays.

The Zamora Sandstone 54'' Surround shows clean lines with matching inlay sections on the inside legs. Complimented by the brick sandstone chamber and granite hearth .

The Palencia Sandstone Surround shown with an inset fire but can be made to suit a wood burning stove. The Palencia has carved legs with a detailed top.

The Saville 54'' Sandstone Surround is another must from the Newman range with it's rounded carved detailing on the up right legs this is a great crowd pleaser.

The Morrella 54'' Sandstone Surround is a wonderful piece of carved sandstone with it's arched rounded details, On display here at Boston Heating showroom. The Morela can also come with a sandstone chamber and granite hearth.

The Barosa 50'' Sandstone Surround has solid carved corbels to help create a stunning but simple design. Hearth to match or in Granite your choice .

 The Almeria 50'' Sandstone Surround shows clean cut lines that are simple but effective looks great on the granite hearth with the small brick chamber back.

The Talavera 54'' Sandstone Surround uses stunning detailed lines giving a slightly art deco feel to the surround. Can also be set on a granite hearth with plain chamber back and sides.

The Coruna  54'' Sandstone Surround has a truly elegant design with solid carved contoured legs, The pattern brick chamber adds to the Grandeur of the surround.

The Loja 54'' Sandstone Surround is sure to suit centre stage in any room sharp and simple, The black granite inlay with the granite hearth works great with this design.

The Andorra 54'' Sandstone Surround is a versatile fireplace which will add a sense of style to ant room. This surround will also look great with a sandstone Hearth and granite inlay.

The Cadiz 54'' Sandstone Surround is a bold statement but carries it off beautifully with carved detailing on the inner up rights. Shown on a granite hearth to show off more of the lines.

The Murcia Sandstone Surround is another classic design from Newman showing paneling on rolled edges. Shown on granite hearth and granite inlay but would also suit sandstone inlay or hearth.  

 Newman Fireplaces Designer Collection from Natural Portuguese Limestone

At Boston Heating we like to offer our customer's a wide range of surrounds and Limestone ticks alot of boxes for everyone. Here are some of the Newman Limestone Fireplaces take a look see which one would be your favorite.

The Mimosa 54'' Limestone Fireplace shows clean crisp lines with tapered limestone leg facia. If you love clean lines but like detail then this could be the one for you.  

The Birre 42 or 48'' Limestone Fireplace A rounded top and matching limestone hearth will suit any room with the option of ambient down lights on this model (ask staff for more details).

The Ribeiro 54'' Limestone Fireplace a classic design with elegant lines and detailed legs with a boxed and lipped hearth a true beauty.

The Alvito 54'' Limestone Fireplace is shown off with the carved lines shown on the legs and mantel top. A matching limestone brick chamber matches the hearth or change to black granite.

The Silver Coast 48'' Limestone Fireplace has great proportions with double gentle curves with shaped mantel top. This surround is sure to look the part with any electric or gas fire.

Borba 54'' Limestone Fireplace a great combination of clean lines with extreme versatility a sharpe look suits the lightness of the limestone.

Flores 54'' Limestone Fireplace has gentle curves and striking lines modern but a classic style to suit most furniure and room set.

 Inglebeam Collection Concrete Beams which look like the real thing ! Non combustible beams See below 

The Clovelly Concrete beam ideal for placing directly over the fire . This stunning beam looks just like a 17th Century Farmhouse Beam.

Coming in standard widths 48'' Other sizes can be made just ask Boston Heating for more details.

The Hartland Concrete beam readly available in lengths of 48'', 54'',60'' and as a special request 78'' this character beam is full of charm. Coming in dark or light oak to suit your colour schemes.

The Exmoor Concrete beam looks great as a full surround for a true rustic fireplace. Comes in standard Lengths as just a mantel of fire surround. Also available in light and dark oak.

The Bideford Concrete beam comes with a wider surface allowing you to stand a few photo's or a clock on the top adding to the overall appearance to your room. This Bideford is a very popular beam with the customer's at Boston Heating. Coming in light or dark oak and standard sizes.

The York Concrete Beam looks just like it's been there for years and has aged with time. Coming in light and dark oak and standard length sizes. Unbelievable real would suit a character property.

The Berrynarbor Concrete Beam is great for putting with back panels when fitting inset stoves. This beam makes a great surround choice when room is limited. Coming in light and dark oak and standard sizes.

The Dartmoor Concrete Beam has a slimline style but has a good width, looks like it's always been there with knotting and open wood grain. Also comes in standard sizes and dark and light oak.

The Bideford Concrete Beam works well with brick back and stone sides. Comes in standard sizes and dark and light oak. A great combination to suit any room set. 

The Fowey Concrete Beam has curves and knotting open wood grain a true character pleaser. Comes in standard sizes and in light and dark oak.  

The Netherton Concrete Beam is wide and narrow best suited for a bigger fire opening, has great oak features. Comes in light and dark oak and standard lengths.

The beams work well with stone and brick backs and sides or simply on there own you choose. 



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