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Multifuel Stoves and Woodburners come in all shapes and sizes.Here at Boston Heating we have a wide choice on show to allow you to select the stove for your home

Stoves come from the leading manufacturers and suppliers from the UK and Scandinavia

Only after many years has Boston Heating created a showroom easy to browse all the Manufacturers of Stoves.Lincolnshire stove specialists at helping you get the right stove for your home.

Boston Heating is an approved supplier for the stoves  and has an excellent installation team working to fit your stove and flue to the best possible standard

Browse the Woodburners and Multifuel stoves at your leisure in our store.Then look at the eclectic range of gas and electric fires we have to offer.Take time to see the impressive range of  natural stone and wood fire surrounds.


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Stoves are not only heaters but also furniture in your room. Whether you decide on a traditional woodburner or a more contemporary stove,Boston Heating is on hand to 

offer expert advice.Our Sales team include HETAS approved installers and our product knowledge is second to none.

A multi-fuel stove can burn smokeless coal, wood or peat which is why they are sometimes referred to as solid fuel stoves or coal stoves. Multifuel stoves are now far easier and cleaner to use than ever before, as most have riddling grates to shake the solid fuel ash into the ashpan and airwash systems to keep the glass clean. When using smokeless coal in a multi-fuel stove a higher and more even temperature will be achieved due to the slower burn rate, this is ideal for overnight burning.


We all use use many different terms to describe the wood burning stove, such as woodburner, wood stove or a woodburning stove, but they all mean the same - a stove used solely for burning wood. A wood burning stove will have no grate or ashpan, wood is simply burnt on the base of the stove, usually in the bed of ash from the night before. This means that a woodburning stove can fit more logs inside than the equivalent sized multi-fuel model. Wood burning stoves are generally cleaner than using coal, plus, wood is a renewable fuel source which is carbon neutral, so is friendlier to the environment.


These Smoke Control Exempt Stoves have been approved by DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) as suitable for burning wood in a smoke control zone. Stoves that are exempt from the smoke control restrictions are usually highly efficient, although in some cases simple methods of limiting the closure of the airwash vent have achieved the desired result by preventing the stove running inefficiently at a low temperature which would have caused smokey emissions.


Gas Stoves are probably the most convenient stoves, for those people seeking a real living flame effect from a hassle free heating solution. A gas stove gives instant heat you can turn on and off as required using easy controls, or sometimes even using a remote control. Flueless gas stoves and balanced flue stoves offer the gas stove benefits for homes without chimneys. A flueless gas stove uses catalytic technology to clean the gas emissions, whilst a balanced flue gas stove requires access to an outside wall were a sophisticated flue system expels the emissions


Electric stoves are the simple solution for creating an impressive focal point. With an electric stove there is no costly installation, just plug into a conventional socket and the stove is ready to run. An electric stove is also a practical option for homes without a chimney and is said to be 100% efficient as there is no heat loss up the chimney. Another big advantage with electric stoves is that they can operate with a flame effect without producing any heat - perfect for cosy autumn nights

Central heating stoves have a boiler which is capable for providing domestic hot water and central heating (heat to your radiators). Physically a central heating stove is no bigger than the same stove without a boiler as the boiler is built inside the stove. The main differences you may spot is that central heating stoves will generally not have fire bricks inside as they would prevent heat reaching the boiler and also you should see the boiler outlets on the rear of the stove. The heat produced by boiler stoves is measured in btu's. All the central heating stoves below have outputs over 25,000 btu's. As a rule of thumb, you should allow 8 - 10,000 btu's to heat your hot water and aproximately 4,000 btu's to heat each radiator in your central heating system.


Double sided stoves are ideal for homes, pubs, clubs, hotels and restaurants, infact anywere that has, or wants to create a central chimney setting as a focal point in a large room. Double sided stoves have also become popular when people knock together two rooms which have had a chimney breast between them. A double sided stove is a safer and more practical option than an open fire as it can be left unattended without worrying about sparks flying into the opposite room. Many manufacturers offer double sided versions of their popular multi-fuel and wood burning stoves

Insert and inset stoves are built into a chimney breast leaving just the front face visible. Inset stoves are generally defined as those which are sat on the hearth, whereas an insert stove could be set higher in the wall and would have a four sided frame to finish the visible edge. Inset stoves can transform an inefficient open fire into an efficient woodburning stove often without requiring a great amount of building work as many fit into standard fireplace openings. If you have a more modern style, our range of insert stoves look stunning set into a plain chimney breast, eliminating the need for the additional expense of a fireplace. You will still enjoy the dancing flames as you would an open fire through the airwashed glass window, but inset stoves are far more controllable, allowing you get the most from your fuel.


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